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Hang "Hesper" Yin

I am a PhD student at UC San Diego Center for Visual Computing advised by professor Albert Chern.

My research interests lie in geometry processing, physical simulations, and computer graphics in general. Besides algorithms, I am also interested in HCI and how graphics technology impact art and human.

I received my bachelors degree at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, where I was fortunately a part of Keenan Crane’s Geometry Collective and Prof. David Lindlbauer’s Augmented Perception Lab. After that, I was very lucky to spend a wonderful summer interning at EPFL Geometric Computing Lab, and then a wonderful gap year working at Taichi Graphics.

In the summer of 2023, I also interned Adobe Research as a research engineer intern.


Fluid Cohomology
Hang Yin, Mohammad Sina Nabizadeh, Baichuan Wu, Stephanie Wang, Albert Chern
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2023)

Towards Understanding Diminished Reality
Yi Fei Cheng, Hang Yin, Yukang Yan, Jan Gugenheimer, David Lindlbauer


Adobe Research
Mentors: Jeremie Dumas, James Zhou, and Danny Kaufman.
Worked on dynamic tetrahedral mesh library in C++.

Taichi Graphics
Mentor: Tiantian Liu
Check out the demo on Taichi Lang's website :)

EPFL Geometric Computing Lab
Mentors: Uday Kusupati, Quentin Becker, Mark Pauly.
Worked on interactive surface paramatrization.

Invited Talks

Nov 2023 - GAMES Webinar (virtual)

Feb 2023 - Computational Geometric Mechanics Research Seminar at Department of Mathematics, UC San Diego


2023 - 2024 UCSD Graduate Women in Computing (GradWiC) Board, Outreach Officer
  As the outreach coordinator for GradWiC, I organized workshops that support ongoing computing education for undergrad students and local high schools, as well as social events that promot sense of community across departments.


I like books, films, painting, and submitting low-effort meme papers to SIGBOVIK with my friends. See our A Complete Survey of 0-Dimensional Computer Graphics and Real-Time Foliage Simulation.

I have a particular taste for movies that are considered too long, covoluted, and disjointed. My favorite movies are Cloud Atlas and Babylon.